If you are looking for a stairlift, you’ve got two options to choose from. You can either purchase it or just rent it. Of course, the answer to this question depends on your needs. In addition to that, there are a couple of requirements that you’ve got to meet before you can rent a stairlift 


You might have issues looking for a rental product if your staircase is abnormally long, has landings, or is curved. So, before you can rent or purchase a stairlift or home elevators Long Island, here are a couple of things to keep in mind. 

Choosing the Correct Stairlift 

It’s vital to research the different models and brands that are available on the market if you are thinking about renting or buying a stairlift. A lot of handicap accessibility dealers might not have the best interest of the client in mind. Because of this, they might rent you a cheap stairlift that does not include any safety features. Typically, this type of dealer also does not include maintenance or service.  

Before you pick a stairlift to purchase or rent, here are a couple of features that you should consider: 

  • You’ve got to make sure that the stairlift is backed by a maintenance plan. This will make sure that you will not be left to fend for yourself if your machine requires emergency repairs or regular maintenance.  
  • Overload detection and overspeed controller are a couple of safety features that are extremely vital. They will guarantee that the machine won’t run unless it meets the weight constraints. It also avoids unexpected acceleration. 
  • It should be standard to have a seatbelt on a stairlift. You need to look for another dealer if he/she is trying to sell or rent you a machine that doesn’t have a seatbelt.  
  • The stairlift should also have a keyed operation. This will help avoid kids from playing with the machine. This is for the safety of the machine and the kids since stairlifts aren’t made to be operated by kids. 
  • It should also be able to handle your weight. Typically, a premium lift will be able to handle a capacity of around 250 up to 450 lbs. 
  • It should also include a backup battery that will guarantee the machine will still run even if there’s a power failure.  

Usual Rental Needs 

If you choose to rent a stairlift, there are a couple of things to consider. It’s very vital that you guarantee that the dealer includes a free consultation. The consultation will help figure out if you can qualify for a stairlift rental. Usually, the needs for stairlift rental includes: 

  • No intermediate landings 
  • 10 to 16 steps 
  • Straight staircase 

You will not have any trouble renting a stairlift if you’ve got all of these requirements. On the other hand, you can also talk to the dealer if you can still rent one if you don’t meet 1 of these requirements. However, if you really can’t rent a stairlift, you can always purchase one from a reliable dealer.