Questions to Ask a Remodeling Contractor

It can be a thrilling adventure whenever you are ready to undertake a kitchen remodeling project. A new upgrade for your house is refreshing and inspiring. However, you should not simply hire the first contractor you find whenever you search for “local remodeling contractors near me”.  

You’ve got to be meticulous. The reason for this is that your contractor is going to make or break or dream kitchen. Because of this, here are a couple of questions to ask a remodeling contractor for your kitchen remodel Long Island project.  

What Type of Materials Do You Utilize? 

You need to have materials of the highest quality going into it whenever you are having work done on your house. You should be careful of contractors who do not specify the materials they are going to utilize. You should only hire a professional contractor who utilizes the best quality of materials. Before the project starts, you should get these materials in writing.  

Do Most of Your Businesses Come from Referrals? 

This is an ideal question since it can provide you an idea of how satisfied the previous clients of the contractors usually feel. Obviously, if a customer is extremely satisfied with the contractor, he or she will refer the contractor to his/her friends or relatives. Also, you can have an idea that they do an excellent job at client satisfaction if the contractor has a couple of repeat clients.  

How Many Same Projects Have You Done Recently? 

You’ve got to ensure that the contractor understands what they are doing on your particular project. you can feel quite at ease if they’ve worked on a couple of same projects. The reason for this is that they know the ideal methods and techniques to get the job done properly.  

Do You Utilize Subcontractors? 

Subcontractors aren’t always a bad idea. However, you’ve got to remember that a contractor that hires subcontractors cannot ensure the project’s quality. Aside from that, the contractor probably cannot vouch for the workers’ safety. You also cannot ensure if the contractor performed background checks. It is always ideal to hire a contractor that has his own workers.  

What’s the Timeline of My Project? 

There isn’t any certain method to ensure a remodeling project will end on time. However, you’ve got to ensure they can begin whenever you need before you hire a contractor. You should also ensure that the contractor can plan a reasonable amount of time for your project.  

Do You Have Insurance? 

This is a vital question. Also, you shouldn’t accept “yes” alone as an answer. You’ve got to be meticulous. A contractor needs to have both workmen’s compensation and business liability insurance. The first insurance will protect you and the workers while they are in your house. The second one will protect your property if it’s damaged.  Also, you have to know the specifics of the insurance. Make sure that the contractor carries a minimum of $1 million limit. Lastly, you’ve got to ask to see proof of insurance and call the insurance provider to know if it is legit.