How to Choose a Car Detailer?

Your car is one of the most expensive investments you have made in your life. It’s normal that you want to really care for your car to make sure it stays looking new for a longer period. One way to do that is to hire an auto detailer. However, hiring an auto detailer needs to be an educated choice. It can be overwhelming to choose one since there are a lot of detailers out there.  

If you don’t know how to choose the right car detailer for a ceramic coating Long Island, don’t worry. We’re here to help. Here are a couple of tips to follow in choosing the right detailer.  

Look for a Detailer Who Has a Clean Shop 

Professionals believe that the facility a detailer maintains reveals a lot about their work’s quality. If paint correction is being done, an unclean facility that isn’t maintained regularly and is not ventilated properly can be compromising to the paint. Any particle that can make its way into the paint can cause tiny scratches in your vehicle’s surface. This will cause the paint job to look lifeless and dull. A professional detailer should always make a priority to have a clean space. You should look for another one if the detailer has a dirty facility.  

Look for a Detailer Who Specializes in Your Car 

In the car detailing industry, the ceramic coating is the newest technology. A lot of individuals claim to be knowledgeable in applying them. A lot of coating firms will enable any self-proclaimed detailer to use their coatings. However, almost every single one of them isn’t skilled in applying coatings since they weren’t required to obtain an education or training on the products. Aside from that, a couple of ceramic coating firms don’t standardize who can apply or sell their products.  

When it comes to paint jobs, you will certainly find a lot of detailers who provide the same services. Most of these detailers don’t have a specialty. This means that they will detail most vehicles. This includes motorcycles, boats, and RVs. As a customer, you should be alarmed by this since it’s impossible that the detailer has professional knowledge in all those various vehicles.  You have to consider that the paint job on a sports car is not the same as the paint on a sailboat. So, if you’ve got a high-end vehicle that requires a paint correction service, you’ve got to look for a detailer who specializes in that type of vehicle.  

Hire a Qualified and Certified Professional 

A car detailer needs to have a garage keeper insurance and a valid business license. You need to ask him/her to show you proof of their insurance if they don’t have it displayed. You also have to call the insurance provider to know if the insurance coverage is real.  

A professional detailer will usually be certified by the IDA (International Detailing Academy). This certification will require skills validation and skill testing by recognized experts in the field. It’s the most reliable academy in the auto detailing industry.